5 Reasons You Should Visit Hungarian Falls in Autumn

Hungarian Falls 10.22.23

1. It’s Geologically Unique

One of the most unique and — to us anyway — amazing things about this area is that The Keweenaw Fault is visible at the uppermost falls. What’s so special about The Keweenaw Fault?

Hungarian Falls - creek from the overflow on Oct. 22, 2023
The Upper and Middle Falls flow into creeks, like this one.

2. There Are Hiking Paths For Various Abilities

Some of the hiking was more difficult than I anticipated. However, that was our own choice. You can choose from various paths as you walk along the falls and creeks.

We could take it easy or challenge ourselves a little. We decided on the latter. Some of the climbing took more strategy and energy, but it was worth it.

3. It’s a Great Way to Experience Nature

The weather was perfect yesterday. When we got to the trailhead, it was just about 48°, sunny, and minimal breeze. As we hiked, we actually got warm enough for me to slip out my jacket.

If you enjoy the vibrant colors of the fall leaves, sounds of the waterfalls crashing down into the creeks, smell of fresh air, and the thought of being around physical features that have been here well before us and that will be here many years after us, then this trip to Hungarian Falls will be worth your time.

4. To Show Appreciation

Before the Keweenaw Land Trust acquired the Falls, the Torch Lake Area Fire Protection Authority owned it. The water in the reservoir was used as a firefighting source. But when the municipal water supplies were upgraded, they cut off the water supply line from the dam.

Once the dam and reservoir were no longer needed as a water source for firefighting, a private party became interested in buying it, along with the 10 acres of land around it. In 2013, the community raised money to keep this amazing local treasure open to the public.

Falls rushing down into creek_ View from above

5. The Views

No matter where you go on the trails and around the Falls, you’ll have excellent views. The Upper, Middle, and Lower Falls are picturesque, and the creeks below are striking.

If you walk to the bridge, you’ll be able to see across the expanse to Torch Lake. With the varicolored leaves and blue sky yesterday, the view was spectacular.

In Summary

If you get up to the Keweenaw in the fall, you may want to plan a day trip to the Hungarian Falls. It will be an experience that you’ll enjoy in the moment and in memory for years to come.

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