Ladies Day Out in Calumet and Laurium

November 16, 2023

Copper World on Fifth St, Calumet

I wasn’t sure if I was really in the mood for Christmas shopping yet. I’m not really the decorating/list-making/Christmas-music-playing-type.

However, I have a friend, Sandy, who is the keeper of all things Christmas spirit. Thanks to her and my friend, Betty Rae, I did end up getting into the spirit right along with them.

A Winter Wonderland

We began our Ladies Day Out excursion on Fifth Street in Calumet. Copper World is just one of my favorite places to find all things unique and lovely. There is no way I could have walked out of there without feeling a little more festive. Okay… a lot more festive.

I admit it. I came out of Copper World with two hats complete with built-in lights, a gorgeous shirt for Mike, and other splendid deals by the time we were done. However, I don’t even feel guilty, because the deals were fantastic.

Daisy met us at the door!

First of all, how long have we waited to have a local shop that sold farm-to-market fresh meat? I was so excited to buy my hamburgers that day!

Fresh meat isn’t the only thing that Frozen Farms Co has going for it. There are amazing bowls, cooking implements, skillet seasoning oil, local honey… And then there’s Daisy.

When Sandy, Betty Rae, and I walked in, this little cutie met us at the door.

She was ever so friendly and EXTREMELY well-mannered. Unfortunately, she wasn’t for sale. Truthfully, we already have a Daisy — our spoiled pug — and she’s an only child sort of dog. She may not have been as happy as I would have if I’d brought home another one. Still, I was really loving that Daisy at Frozen Farms.

I love this place!

Walking into Amora Wellness & Gifts just instantly feels good. I’m not sure if it’s because Jill, the owner, has such a calm, soothing vibe of her own or if it’s a combination of that along with the tranquil atmosphere.

Candles, sage, diffusers…

I bought hemp muscle rub, ginger candies (I’m addicted now), and other things I had some questions about. I admit it; I kind of bombarded Jill with those questions.

Actually, there were several people asking her for her opinions and expertise. Yet, she kept so calm and smiling as she answered all of our questions.

Tea & ginger candies

I didn’t even have to try the tea samples; I just watched and listened to everyone else’s reactions as they sipped the peppermint bark tea. I bought some, brewed a cup when I got home, and I can honestly say that it’s the best peppermint tea I have EVER tasted.

Shopping Locally

I don’t have any buyer’s remorse. First of all, it feels so good to put money into our community. Secondly, Tim and Chris at Copper World, Jean at Frozen Farms Co, and Jill at Amora Wellness & Gifts are truly wonderful people. They’re not just business owners, they’re our fellow community members as well.

I also want to admit that none of what I bought was actually for Christmas. You see, I like to give gifts for no reason… just because. Mike already has his shirt, my dad has his hat, Mike and I are drinking the tea, and we’ll be cooking up those burgers some time soon.

However, if you are a Christmas shopper/gift giver, you should really try all of our wonderful local shops in Calumet and Laurium.

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