Discover 5 Fun November Activities To Do in the Copper Country

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Fun Fall Activities in the Copper Country

November is a unique month here in the Copper Country. The fabulous fall foliage has pretty much fallen away. The weather is capricious — in the high 50s and sunny one day, snowy and in the low 20s the next. We never know from year to year whether we’ll have snow on Thanksgiving or not.

For many, November is a great time to catch up on some good reading or Netflix bingeing. However, there are still plenty of fun things to do in November outside of your house when you’re in the Copper Country. Read on to discover 5 of these amazing activities.

1. Make Use of Snowmobile Trails

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Snowmobile trails are heavily used by snowmobilers once the snow starts to fly. Of course, four-wheelers and side-by-side enthusiasts use these trails throughout the summer and fall as well.

However, when November starts bringing much colder weather and even…(gulp) snow, fewer ATV and UTV enthusiasts are out on the trails. This is a great time for people to get out and hike on these trails to take in the beauty of the area.

2. Take In One of the Local Art Shows

November is a great month for craft and art shows. Many of the shows are a great kick-off to the holiday season.

3. Look to the Skies

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November is an ideal time for sky-watching. By this time, the air is brisk and chilly, providing the best views of the heavens.

4. Do Something Hauntingly Exciting

The Copper Country has its fair share of haunted places and ghostly tales. With ancient Native American roots and copper mining tragedies galore, there are plenty of chilling tales and places to explore.

5. Try Out Some Local Breweries

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November is cited twice in Gordon Lightfoot’s The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgergald‘s first verse. Twice. “When the skies of November turn gloomy, ” and “When the gales of November came early,” to be exact. Of course, November is mentioned four more times before the song is done.

Gordon Lightfoot, like most Yoopers — and definitely Copper Country residents — understand how tricky November can be. Take this November for instance. We’ve had days with snow, hail, rain, sunshine, and weather from the 20s to the 50s all within a short period of time.

On those days when “the witch of November comes stealin,” having a fun indoor activity is essential. Fortunately, the Copper Country has its share of local breweries where you can go to experience a cold beer and a warm atmosphere. Here’s a list of some great local breweries:

  • Brickside Brewery in Copper Harbor
  • The Fitzgerald Restaurant in Eagle River
  • Michigan House Café and Red Jacket Brewing Co. in Calumet
  • The Library Restaurant in Houghton
  • Keweenaw Brewing Company (KBC) in Houghton
  • Jasper Ridge Brewery & Restaurant in Ishpeming

In Conclusion

Even though November can be a tricky month when it comes to weather, there are plenty of things to do in the Copper Country. If you have a favorite thing to do up here in the Copper Country — or anywhere in the U.P. — send us a comment or email.

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