Pasty Fest

August 25, 2023

The Pasty Guy was very friendly and photogenic.

Gorgeous weather. Plenty of people participating. Fun activities and great music. Last week’s Pasty Fest brought the community and visitors together for an exciting day in Calumet.

There were so many people!

When Mike and I looked down the street, I was reminded of the old pictures of Fifth Street from the early 1900s. People would be walking two and three abreast up and down both sides of the street. It was so nice to see so many people come out to celebrate our iconic Cornish food!

The bubble machine was great for the kids on that hot day.

As we walked down Fifth Street toward the end that meets up with Pine Street, we got to see the kids having a great time with this bubble machine. It was a hot day — perfect for cooling off with this treat.

There were vintage cars from Copper World all the way down the block.

Mike and I enjoyed the vintage cars. I’m still trying to decide which one to ask him to get me for my birthday.

Then there were my favorite kind of people. Well…not exactly people per se. At any rate, this furry friend is a service dog. His owner let us take a picture, and the big guy posed perfectly.

That’s me behind him, petting him. Mike and I spent quite a while petting him and talking to his owner.

Before we headed home, Mike and I took a picture of the picnic tables where my sister, Becky and our friend, Jenny, set us up. We’re still grateful to those two!

picnic tables outside the L & L

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