Acting Like a Tourist

July 31, 2023

My friend, Lisa, who moved to Florida over a year ago, is staying with me for a much-needed visit. Today, we had fun acting like tourists as we made our way to Eagle River, then Eagle Harbor, and finally to Copper Harbor. The scenery was stunning, with the verdant tree cover along the winding road and the view of water, clear as glass today, to the left of us.

Driving back from Copper Harbor, after driving through the canopy

The day was a little hazy, but warm. The drive was just lovely. We really wanted to stop at the JamPot in Eagle Harbor, but we soon found out that it’s closed on Monday. Oh well. The views of the lake along the highway made it worth the drive through Eagle Harbor.

In Copper Harbor, we visited all the souvenir shops and book stores. I ended up buying three books from Grandpa’s Barn, my favorite bookstore anywhere!

Lisa and I put in some steps as we meandered through the town, visiting all the tourist sites. We eventually got to the Copper Harbor State Marina to get a glimpse of the lighthouse from the shore.

View of Copper Harbor Lighthouse from shore

Walking along the trail from the shore through the woods brought some beautiful surprises.

Beautiful flora along the trail

When you act like a tourist, all the little finds are a delight.

Even fungi can be captivating

Copper Harbor is such a treasure. Whether you’re a tourist or a long-time Copper Country resident, summer in Copper Harbor is a must. From the candy and fudge shops, souvenir and bookstores, to the kayak and bike tours, gorgeous hiking areas, and the singular lake, I would recommend at least one trip to Copper Harbor in your lifetime.

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