Sunday Drive

Esrey Park March 26, 2023

Mike and I took a lovely, meandering drive north to Copper Harbor by way of Eagle River on Sunday. First, we stopped at the Emil Dyni Park to feed the deer, and Mike took some amazing pictures that we’re going to share soon. We also watched Lake Superior buffet the shore and rocks near Fitzgerald’s Restaurant before we left Eagle River. We were able to get incredible drone footage that illustrates the power of Lake Superior’s waves. We’re in the process of editing and putting it all together to share, so stay tuned for that!

After Eagle River, we drove on to Copper Harbor, taking in the intermittent patches of bright blue sky peeking through big cotton-ball clouds. It was a delightfully peaceful drive, and we had time to simply be present in the moment.

When we reached Copper Harbor, we decided to get some footage from Esrey Park. It was certainly chilly by the lake, but the view was well worth it. And it is only March afterall.

Climbing the rocky staircase that tourists and locals alike use to gain a superb vantage point, we could feel the air grow rawer still. Again, all was quiet but for the sounds of wind whipping the water into walloping waves.

Standing on top of the rocks in the biting wind, watching the waves pound the rocky shore, looking over the horizon of Lake Superior which seemed to be endless – all helped me to realize how small I am in comparison. It sort of put me in my place, I guess. It was good for the soul. And if the mere size of the lake didn’t resize my ego, the momentary thought of “what if I fell into the icy depths of the lake right now?” surely did the trick.

Since I’m posting this, you can infer that I didn’t fall off the rocks into a watery grave. Plus, Mike would have managed to somehow save me from certain death. But, believe it or not, that whole experience- the tranquility of the drive counterbalanced by the vigor and vitality of the lake- left me in a contented state.

When Mike and I got home (into our cozy, warm home to be precise), we ate a late dinner and just felt so grateful for the day. If you’re looking for a humbling yet stirring experience, you should really take in Lake Superior during the time when Spring has begun… but Winter hasn’t quite released the lake from its icy grip. Just don’t fall in!

Deb and Mike

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  1. Sounds like a great day!

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